We believe that active entertainment

still has something surprising to offer

That’s why we’ve created Knoocker !

Sport & Fun

Knoocker is an innovative technology, which allows using a ball as a controler. Never before have  hitting a ball against a wall been such a fun! Due to Knoocker technology every flat surface can become an interactive game field. The Knoocker console captures every hit of the ball and transfers it onto a projected gameboard, therefore reacting to the player’s command. By Knoocker technology we are able to provide a much more dynamic and physically demanding game than the current game consoles are.

Innovative technology

From the technical point of view Knoocker is both a hardware, and a software platform. The software part contains a set of dedicated games and applications. They are displayed on a wall using a projector. The hardware part consists of a system of miniature sensors. These sensors localize the hits of the ball on the wall. The registered signals are transmited with a dedicated interface into a computer through an USB port. There, with a Knoocker driver rapidly transmits the events containing localization of the hit ball to an application currently opened in the Knoocker system.

Knoocker allows playing using any given ball in any way we want.

We can hit the ball with a paddle, throw it or even kick it. The size of the ball doesn’t matter either – it can be a ping pong ball, as well as a soccer ball. What’s more, Knoocker is a one of a kind „BIG MODEL SYSTEM” – even though all of its parts fit into a small backpack, it is able to create an interactive surface which is as big as a tennis court. All that’s left to do now is to get up from the couch and join the game!

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