Knoocker is an interactive game for kids and adults and also can be used as multimedia whiteboard.

The unique way to play Knoocker is to use each kind of ball as a game controller.

Several players can throw, bounce or even kick balls at the same time. The player’s task is to throw the balls at animations displayed on the interactive construction.

Furthermore, Knoocker is one of a kind multimedia center enabling to project presentation, films or any computer programs.

Applications of Knoocker:
  • events for kids and adults
  • indoor playgrounds
  • hotels, spa centres
  • kindergartens and schools
  • sport centres, squash park
  • rest&fun zone
  • home entertainment centre

Indoor playgrounds

Knoocker is the great entertainment for kids and stands out every playground. Thanks to the attractive form of the game Knoocker significantly increases the number of visits of children and extending their stay in the playroom.

  • Several players can play at the same time and the games are adjusted to different age gorups
  • Knoocker allows to organise shows of multimedia presentations, films, cartoons, or even one of a kind karaoke
  • Thanks to its simple and intuitive handling, Knoocker doesn’t need a supervision of an animator
  • Knoocker is a totally safe and unusually damage-proof construction
  • There is a possibility to design a dedicated game based on individual customer’s needs

Event agencies

Knoocker is the great complement of event agency offer. With Knoocker any event would be more attractive and the crowds of curious and willing to game players will be gathering. Knoocker provides great entertainment for hours for both children and adults.

  • Knoocker can be easily moved beetwen different localizations or can be mounted and dismounted in any desired place
  • On the Knoocker platform are interactive games adjusted to different age of players
  • Every game could be regulated according to the level of challenge or it is even possible to design a new theme game
  • Knoocker is damage-proof and very convenient to transport – folded system is suitable to use to tranport in an estate car
  • On the customer request the hard case or cover is added to the Knoocker set


Interactive platform Knoocker is an ideal solution for hotels. Knoocker can be implemented in kid’s corner zone, rest&fun zone, fitness zone or spa.

  • Knoocker platform is a high level entertaintment which raises a prestige of every place
  • Knoocker enables to organise wonderful kid’s brithday parties, sophisticated corporate banquets and team-building parties
  • Thanks to the mobile and folding construction and intuitive handling, Knoocker system allows to easily arrange the space and use the system seamlessly in every moment
  • Knoocker is one of a kind multimedia center which enables to project presentations, films or cartoons for kids

Educational institutions

Thanks to its multi-functionality, Knoocker is a unique, modern educational tool combine learning with fun.

  • The attractive form of work with Knoocker causes the rise of children’s concentration on classes increasing their involvement at the same time
  • Educational applications on Knoocker platform are adjusted to different age of children
  • Knoocker can be also used as a mobile interactive board which enables to project presentations, films or any computer application
  • Knoocker can be easily moved between different places

Sport and recreation

Knoocker is a great option for all sports centers that want to attract more and more new players of all ages. Knoocker is a new method of training the squash, table tennis or football.

  • Knoocker platform enables to train physical fitness,
    perceptivity, accuracy and motor coordination of players
  • To play Knoocker it is posible to use any type of a ball, what is an ideal solution to practice squash or table tenis
  • Knoocker precisely measures speed, accuracy and power of ball hits. It is useful to evaluate physical activity and the progress of a player
  • Knoocker thanks to its scoring system, enables competition between many players
  • Knoocker can be used as a professional device for training and as an interactive training for kids


Knoocker is the invaluable help in movement rehabilitation aimed at the improvement of sensoric ability of disabled people.

  • The intuitive solution based on the use of a ball as a game controller encourages adults and children to physical effort
  • Knoocker enables to organise individual and gorup excercises
  • Thanks to folding, light construction with wheels, Knoocker can be easily moved between different places
  • The simple handling enabes to use the system seamlessly in every moment
  • There is a possibillity to design a dedicated game based on individual customer’s needs

Knoocker applications

A wide selection of games and a variety of uses give many an optimal use platform Knoocker. A wide selection of games and a variety of applications give many optimal possibilities to use Knoocker platform.

Knoocker’s interactive games:
  • Games 3+
  • Games 12+
  • Sports simulators
  • Christmas games
  • Quizzes and educational applications
Knoocker multimedia whiteboard:
  • Interactive karaoke
  • Displaying the presentations
  • Watching the movies, cartoons
  • Using the internet
  • Connecting the Xbox and PlayStation console
  • Conversations through Skype
  • Sport live stream

Games 3+

Games 12+

Sport simulators

Christmas Games

Quizzes and educational applications

Quizzes and educational applications soon will widen the offer of Knoocker interactive games.


Multimedia center


Game „Training” is a novelty in the field of interactive entertainment! This game allows you to measure your speed and accuracy. It is a ideal solution for fitness centres and gyms.

Practise with the game „Training”:
  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Perceptivity

Knoocker device

Knoocker device contains folding construction with wheels, thanks to this it is easy to move the platform between different places. Handling is simple and intuitive and what is more Knoocker construction is a totally safe and damage-proof.

The Knoocker set contains:

  • Mobile play screen
  • Ultra fisheye projector
  • Sounding
  • Computer
  • Adjustable boom
  • Set of ball hit sensors
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Set of orange balls

Knoocker accessories

The list of available extensions of interactive platform Knoocker:
  • Set of two wireless microphones to organize karaoke
  • Set of 500 additional orange balls shining in the UV
  • Colorful separating fence
  • Set of five transport covers
  • Set of two hard transport cases with dimensions 179/87/33cm and 177/87/48cm
  • Folding tent (3/3m) used for presentation of Knoocker at open space
Additional expansion options of Knoocker to the following elements:
  • Installation of UV lighting
  • Paintings of the heroes from Knoocker’s games glowing in UV
  • Connection of Knoocker with a dry swimming pool
  • A dedicated room for Knoocker placed on one of the walls
  • Separation of Knoocker by using special nets

technical data

The Knoocker device – dimensions:
  • Width: 173 cm
  • Height: 225 cm
  • Height with lowered boom: 190 cm
  • Depth: 60 cm
  • Weight: 95 kg
Additional information:
  • Model of the projector: NEC UM361X
  • Projector brightness: 3600 AL
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: YES
  • User Interface Language: Polish/English
  • Sound: Stereo
  • The warranty of Knoocker: 2 years


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